Ponsuda. “Servin” It Up!


We recently sat down with Ponsuda., a member of Holy Mob and long-time fixture in the phonk scene. While he’s no stranger to the industry, and has been shaping the genre for years, he still flies under the radar outside of his core fanbase. Take a peak into his influences and watch where he goes this year, because it’s going to be a BIG one… As a bonus, he’s provided us with a BRAND NEW track called “Servin” that you can find at the end of our interview!

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and when did you start producing music?

I was born and raised all around Dallas, Texas. I am an ARTIST, a producer, writer, engineer, video editor, DJ, record label co-owner. I first started making music at the age of 15.

What got you into phonk? Who were your early influences?

I was listening to Pimp C, Bun B, Z-Ro, Lil’ Flip, etc at an early age naturally as a Texas native. I was also a big fan of memphis music such as 3 6 Mafia, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Children of the Corn, Juicy J, Project Pat, etc. When I first heard all of the elements of my childhood music being mixed into one genre, I knew it was a style I was going to gravitate towards. My early influences were Scrim from $uicideboy$ beats, DJ Smokey, Loud Lord, Soudiere, DJ Paul, DJ Screw.

Where do you see the genre going? What do you think about the different offshoots of phonk music?

I can see the phonk going as far as any other classic music sub-genre. I really try to not think of music as genres, but more as great music or not. This is why you can find me listening to 50 different genres in one day.

Do you make any other kinds of music?

Back home they call me Mr. Errthang. You name a genre, I guarantee I can produce it.

Any shout-outs or peers that deserve more credit?

Main shout out to my collective HOLY MOB and all the wonderful artists who are apart of that movement with me. Shout out to my record label INFINITE.WAV and the homies who inspire me to be better each and every day. Shout out to my beautiful partner, always by my side, keeping me focused and righteous. Shout out to Phonk Around & Find Out crew for building a scene for this music.

What do you have planned for 2024?

Mixtapes on mixtapes on mixtapes, singles on singles, shows on shows, merch… Stay tuned! I will also be playing the Phonk Around & Find Out Two Year Anniversary at Cervantes on January 11th in Denver… Come say hello!

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