Rewind: Phonk Around & Find Out – Two Year Anniversary

Denver’s very own Phonk Around & Find Out collective has been a driving force in the phonk scene for the past two years, solidifying their status as one of the most reliable and dedicated crews around. Recognized as one of the few promoters consistently hosting events, they have gained an eager fanbase through their recent compilation and ongoing mix series, and in a short time become a “go-to” source for everything PHONK-related. As some of you may remember, we worked with them over the summer to bring you the End Of Underground Tour with Ryan Celsius, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the family grow in 2024.

On January 11th, 2024, they celebrated two years of pushing the genre with an EPIC party at Cervantes Otherside, that featured a reinforced system by Koja Sound and a unique stage design courtesy of Hmngbrd Productions. A lively crowd was out early, as the crew had just announced a new merch drop, that included fresh beanies and a commemorative t-shirt and long-sleeve design made just for the occasion. 

On top of the excitement for the new swag, the line-up was STACKED from top to bottom, with Cervantes debuts from every artist, and the return of ESCPE, who still had people reeling from his recent performance supporting Supertask at The Ogden. If that wasn’t enough to bring the people out, a last minute special guest was in the cards, as Enokalypse emerged right before BACKWHEN played (read: ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED) to surprise the crowd with 45 minutes of all original beats.

With openers like Everyst and ponsuda., you get an idea of the depth and variety presented with a line-up like this, and the crowd seemed to love every minute of it, from the slower, vibey stuff right on through to the more hyphy “trap” influenced beats.

From the moment the PAAFO residents warmed up the crowd, until the lights came on at the end of the night, there was an undeniable sense of excitement in the air. For many in attendance, this marked their first live experience with phonk music, and Cervantes, transformed by the addition of enhanced sound and stage production, provided the perfect setting for the cold beats echoing through the icy streets.

Shout out to the PAAFO crew and everyone else that made this unforgettable night possible, we can’t wait to see where the genre goes in 2024 and have no doubt that wherever it is, these guys will be leading the way! 


Photos by Braxx Photography



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